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Frequently Asked Questions

My app shows a message: ‘Floor not found’ 

That means that your device is not able to track the floor significantly to place a Space in reality. Try to get more light in your room. Or find a spot so that there is more contrast in the picture. Your device will then be able to track depth and subsequently track the floor.
Here is a video to explain how Fectar works: Augmented Reality with Fectar
If your device is still not able to find the floor, you wil be offered the option to view the Space in a Virtual Room on your device.


My app shows a message: ‘No internet connection’

In order to view Spaces in Fectar for the first time you need an internet connection. Without a connection the app is not able to download a Space.
Check the internet connection on your device and restart the app when you have confirmation that you have internet.


What is a 3D Viewer? 

If you have an older smart phone or for some reason your smart phone is not able to ‘find the floor’, you will get the option to view the Spaces in with the 3D Viewer.
You will see a 3D representation of an actual room. You can view the Space in this room. You can zoom into the information available. And view video, 3D objects and more.


Which devices support Fectar? 

Fectar is available for iPhones as well as Android phones.
All iPhones that are updated to the latest version of iOs support Fectar.
To see if your Android phone is compatible, you can check this link for more information


Where can I download the Fectar app?

Here you will find the links to download the app for Android or for iPhone: download


Why does my phone not support ARCore or ARkit?

Your phone has to run the latest version of Android or iOS in order to use Augmented Reality. The software on your phone is called ARCore (for Android) or ARkit (for iPhone). If your phone is older or doensn’t have the right sensors, Augmented Reality will unfortunately not work on your device.You can try ‘View in 3D’ instead. It is not the same, but you are able to see the content.


How can I download the Fectar app?

For iPhones: go to the Appstore and search for “Fectar – Experience your AR”.
For Android phones: go to the Playstore and search for “Fectar – View & Create your own AR Space”.

What is Augmented Reality?

Augmented Reality (or AR for short) is about adding all sorts of content, such as images, videos or 3D objects to reality. And it looks like this content is a part of your reality.
On Wikipedia you can find this definition:
“Augmented reality (AR) is an interactive experience of a real-world environment where the objects that reside in the real-world are “augmented” by computer-generated perceptual information.”


Does Fectar work on my mobile Phone?

Yes, it does. Fectar is available for iPhones as well as Android phones. All iPhones that are updated to the latest version of iOs support Fectar in the Augmented Reality modus. To see if your Android phone is compatible, you can check this link for more information.
If you have on older smart phone or if you have not updated your smart phone to the latest version of your operating system, you can view Fectar Spaces in the Virtual Room modus.


Fectar keeps statistics of usage of the app. Does that mean that you use my personal information?

We have a Privacy Policy that covers the services that are offered by Fectar. And sometimes it covers services offered by parts of our organisation that operate as separate companies. But only when those services link to this policy or tell you it applies. What’s not covered in this policy? Our services sometimes link to services run by other companies, like when you share a Space on social media such as Whatsapp. Those companies have their own privacy and cookies policies, so remember that the information you give them will follow their rules and not ours.


Where does Fectar store all information?

Some companies that provide services to Fectar run their services from outside the European Economic Area (EEA). We only let that happen if we are satisfied with their levels of security. Keep in mind that when you give us personal information it could be being transferred, stored or processed in a location outside the EEA.


How do you protect my personal information?

We’re strongly committed to keeping you and your family’s information safe. And to do this we design our services with your safety in mind. We also have people to look after your information security and privacy. At the same time, no service can be completely secure – if you have any concerns that your Fectar account or personal information has been put at risk, for example if someone could have found out your password, please get in touch straight away.


Where is the office of Fectar located?

Fectar is located in the Netherlands:
Address:   Willemsplein 2
City:   ‘s-Hertogenbosch
Postal code: 5211 AK
Country: The Netherlands


Can I join Fectar?

Yes, come on board! We keep on growing and growing. Have a look at our available positions. Here is our job section and an online form for your application: careers

What is Fectar Studio?

Fectar Studio is the World’s first content management system for both Augmented and Virtual Reality. So you can start to work with AR and VR at the same time, without any technical skills. You can compare it with tools such as Joomla or WordPress to manage content of a website. In the same way, you can now manage AR and VR content.
In Fectar Studio you can keep track of all views of your AR content in the special Statistics sections. So you can learn fast on effective AR and VR communication. And change it just as easy.

Can I create a Space myself?

Yes, absolutely! That is what Fectar Studio is built for! Without any technical skills, you can create your own impressive interactive Augmented and Virtual Reality experience. Just as simple as – for instance – creating a word document.
You can start a Space from a template or from a set of spots you placed yourself. When you start with a template, all you need to do is fill in the fields in Fectar Studio and you are done. It will take less than 5 minutes to create your own Space.

What does publish and unpublish mean?

When you create a Space in Fectar Studio, you have the option to publish or unpublish the space. When unpublished no one else but you can see the Space (when you are logged on with your account in the Fectar app). Once you publish a Space, it is open for everyone to see your Space. You can then share for instance, the special Space Code with others.


What does public or private mean?

When you publish a Space and you have set it to ‘Public” the Space will then be available for everyone to see on the timeline in the Fectar app. People are also able to share the Space on social media.
When you publish a Space and you have set it to ‘Private’ only people who have the specific Special Space Code are able to view the Space. The Space will not be visible on the timeline of the Fectar app.

What is a Space Code?

Every Space gets a unique Space Code. This code is made up from a combination of 5 letters. The letters are not case sensitive. In the Fectar app you can fill in the Space Code to see the corresponding Space (only if the Space is actually published).

What is a space?

A Space is an Augmented Reality Space with one or more spots that contain content.

Where can I find and view Spaces or AR and VR Presentations?

Fectar Spaces, with our special AR content, can be obtained from our menu’s, thru a website, a printed cart, a friend who shared it with you thru social media, or just as you go in the wild. There are many ways a Fectar Space can be found.
Check out all the available spaces in our free app: download

What can I see in a Spaces?

A Space is filled with Spots and these spots contain content. All sorts of content, such as text, an image, one or more 3D objects, 360 degree bubbles and even a holographic presenter. And you can view this content just as if these spots are in your living room, or in your office or at school or on the beach ……well, just anywhere, you get the picture.

What is a license for Fectar Studio?

When you get a license for Fectar Studio you get the right to log in to Fectar Studio, a Software as a Service. After purchasing the licensing, you receive an email to activate your account and to choose your own password.
You can get subsequent accounts that are associated with your basic license  and these work with the same spaces at the same time. And all accounts have acces to and control over the shared library where your online content is stored.

Can I upgrade my license?

Yes, you can. Please contact our customer service and we will help you with your upgrade. You can contact our customer service here: contact

What is Fectar Spatial Editor?

Now you can do everything yourself in Augmented Reality. In your spaces you can place, replace, manage and more your own content. Check out this video for more information: The Spatial Editor


How do I move content?

Go to Settings in the Spatial Editor. Enable one of the three different possibilities. Select content by touching on the content. You can slide your finger from lift to right on your screen to move content.


How do I rotate or tilt content?

Go to Settings in the Spatial Editor. Enable one of the three different possibilities. Select content by touching on the content. You can slide your finger from lift to right on your screen to rotate or tilt content.

What can I read in your Privacy Statement?

This policy tells you:
– what information we might collect about you
– how we might use that information
– when we might use your details to contact you
– what information of yours we might share with others
– your choices about the personal information you give us
Important to know: we’ll never sell your personal information.

What do I need to know about Cookies?

Cookies are small pieces of data that are downloaded to your computer or mobile device when you visit a website or application.
We use them to:
  • Remember information about you, so you don’t have to give it to us again. And again. And again
  • Keep you signed in, even on different devices
  • Help us understand how people are using our services, so we can make them better
  • To deliver advertising to websites
  • Help us personalise Fectar to you by remembering your preferences and settings. And your progress, so you can pause and pick up where you left off watching a space, even on a different device
  • To find out if our emails have been read and if you find them useful.
There are different types of cookies:
  • First-party cookies
    These cookies are set by the website you’re visiting. And only that website can read them.
  • Third-party cookies
    These cookies are set by someone other than the owner of the website you’re visiting. Some Fectar web pages may also contain content from other sites like YouTube or Flickr, which may set their own cookies. Also, if you share a link to a Fectar Space, the service you share it on (for example, Facebook) may set a cookie on your browser. We have no control over third-party cookies – you can turn them off, but not through us.
  • Session cookies
    These cookies only last as long as your online session, and disappear from your computer or device when you close your browser (like Internet Explorer or Safari).
  • Persistent cookies
    These cookies stay on your computer or device after your browser has been closed and last for a time specified in the cookie. We use persistent cookies when we need to know who you are for more than one browsing session. For example, we use them to remember your preferences for the next time you visit.
  • Strictly necessary cookies
    These cookies let you use all the different parts of the Fectar website. Without them, services that you’ve asked for can’t be provided. Also, as a public service, we collect data from you to help us understand how people are using Fectar, so we can make it better. We sometimes get other companies to analyse how people are using Fectar.
    Some examples of how we use these cookies are:
    – When you sign in to Fectar
    – Remembering security settings that affect access to certain content, for example, any parental controls
    – Collecting information on which web pages visitors go to most often so we can improve our online services
  • Functional cookies
    These help us personalise Fectar to you by remembering your preferences and settings. Some examples of how we use these cookies are
    – Remembering your choice of playlists and favourite content and help you do things like commenting on a blog
    – Remembering where you paused a space on Fectar and then later picking up where you left off
    – Remembering if you visited the website before so that messages for new visitors are not displayed to you
    – Remembering settings on the website like colour, font size and layout
  • Performance cookies
    These help us make sure that the website is working properly and fix any errors. And they let us try out different ideas.
  • Advertising cookies
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Other tracking technologies
Some sites use things like web beacons, clear GIFs, page tags and web bugs to understand how people are using them and to target advertising to them.
They usually take the form of a small, transparent image that is embedded in a web page or email. They work with cookies and capture data like your IP address, when you viewed the page or email, what device you were using and where you were.

Do you have Terms of Use?

Yes, you can find the hyperlink to the `Terms of Use’ at the bottom of each page of this website.