Fectar MeetUp

Work together with multiple devices, VR and AR

All these devices can work together in the same VR & AR Space at the same time with Fectar MeetUp

Any Time, Any Place, Any Device

Fectar is a revolutionary platform where collaboration transcends boundaries. Our innovative technology Fectar MeetUp enables various VR headsets and smartphones to converge within the same VR & AR space. Now you can work, create, and learn together, experiencing multi-user and multi-device collaboration like never before. This is the future of interaction.

Redefine Teamwork in your 3D Spaces

Fectar MeetUp isn’t simply a tool; it’s your passport to an immersive world of collective innovation. Imagine engaging with your peers in real-time, all of you using different devices, but connected through a shared VR space. The potential for creative collaboration is limitless, opening up new avenues of possibility. It’s time to redefine teamwork.

Seamless Multi-Device Interaction

Welcome to the era of seamless multi-device interaction. Fectar MeetUp harmonizes varying devices within one shared Virtual and Augmented space, empowering teams to collaborate effortlessly. Whether brainstorming new ideas or working on complex projects, our platform makes it possible to work together, despite differing devices. Dive into the future of collaboration with us.

Small investment, high yield

Fectar MeetUp is not just a tool for collaboration, it’s an investment in efficiency and sustainability. By facilitating real-time sharing of 3D models, we reduce the need for costly physical prototypes and frequent travel, accelerating your go-to-market strategy. In addition, our innovative approach helps decrease material costs and contributes to a lower carbon footprint. With Fectar MeetUp, experience collaboration that’s not only technologically advanced, but also financially and environmentally prudent.