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Fectar opens up a world of new marketing possibilities for you. What about incredible brand-building events, immersive concerts, or reaching out to the audience as a hologram? We are always interested in hearing from agencies and businesses who are eager to explore new virtual possibilities.

Virtual Vlogging with holograms

Present yourself and the message you want to share in augmented reality to your audience. Instead of watching 2D vlogs, you can present yourself in the most personal way possible with Fectar. People can put you in their room and listen to your message for an immersive vlogging experience. AR/VR Vlogging will be the next big thing after text, photos, and video.

Immersive Mood Boards

Create amazing augmented and virtual reality scenes and present your style or way of life at your fan’s home. Allow them to experience immersive scenes that you created to build your fan base in AR and VR.

Immersive Music Experience

Bring your concert to your home; allow fans to place their favorite artist in their own home and experience (prerecorded or live) concerts at their leisure. With Fectar, you can easily stand next to your favorite artist or even sing a duet with them.

Virtual Party Time with others

Create fantastic 360-degree videos and upload them to Fectar Studio. Users can now be a part of your party, right in the middle of it, thanks to the Fectar app. Alternatively, publish great 360-degree footage from your concert or festival to bring it to people’s homes.

Branding of tomorrow, today!

As a forward-thinking brand or company, you’re always looking for new ways to reach out to your target audience and potential customers. Create amazing brand branding scenes in augmented reality and allow people to experience your brand in a new way.

Personal Holographic Message 

Create a video in front of a green screen and quickly create a personal 3D message for your audience. Ideal for a personal sales pitch, a unique invitation, or a personal wish for a special occasion. Your message can be enhanced by digital elements such as a stage, 3D models, or buttons.