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Object Presentation in BIM Modeling 3D tours are common in real estate, but creating virtual and augmented reality 3D tours will astound your client or partner. Instead of simply viewing your 3D (BIM) model in 3D, you can now provide truly immersive and interactive 3D tours that can be experienced in any random location.

Virtual Tours

Instead of only offering 360-degree tours, wow your audience with augmented and virtual reality tours. Upload 360-degree animations, photos, or videos to allow people to truly immerse themselves in your strategy. View using a smartphone or tablet, or, if available, VR glasses.

BIM Modelling

Today most 3D software for designing support export to AR & VR friendly formats. It enables you to upload your BIM model to Fectar Studio. In just a few clicks you succeed in creating an ‘AR and VR ready’ BIM model within interactive and immersive experiences: your audience will be astounded.

Object Presentation

Scan a QR code to make an entire room visible and then place it directly in your room or office. For a complete understanding and experience, walk inside your object. To make your presentation more impressive, include buttons, video and other interactive elements in your creation.