Fectar VR & AR Acceleration Program
The fastest way to get ahead

  • Building your Tailor Made VR & AR Spaces,
  • Creating your 3D models for Products and Environments,
  • Transforming your Projects into reusable Templates,
  • Consultancy and Workshops for Discovery and Adoption,
  • Training your team for VR & AR Creation, and
  • Providing ongoing Support.

Get ready for VR and AR today. Let’s get started!

Embrace the Power of VR & AR: Introducing the Fectar Acceleration Program

Transform Your Organization with Immersive Experiences through the Fectar VR & AR Acceleration Program.

Discover the boundless possibilities of Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) as we guide you through a seamless journey of concepting, creation, and empowerment. Leverage bespoke VR & AR spaces, empower your team to become creators, and receive ongoing support. Unleash the true potential of VR & AR within your organization.

And what’s more, you can Pick ‘n’ Mix different parts of the program to your needs.

1. Concepting

Ignite Innovation with Immersive Concepts

Engage in immersive workshops tailored to your business, where our experts guide you through ideation sessions, leveraging VR & AR to address challenges and unlock new possibilities. Experience firsthand how these technologies can revolutionize your business models and enhance customer engagement.

  • Collaborate with our experts to identify challenges and opportunities
  • Ideate innovative VR & AR solutions tailored to your specific needs
  • Explore the potential value and impact of immersive experiences
  • Define a comprehensive strategy for your VR & AR initiatives

2. Creation & Handover

Bring Your Vision to Life in Immersive Reality

Experience a seamless partnership where we work hand in hand with you throughout the entire project, ensuring a seamless handover of the completed VR & AR spaces that align with your vision and objectives. Together, we bring your ideas to life in the most captivating and immersive way possible.

  • Transform concepts into reality with our expert team of VR & AR specialists
  • Craft bespoke VR & AR spaces aligned with your brand and objectives
  • Deliver tailored solutions that can be used as templates for future projects
  • Handover the created spaces, empowering your organization to leverage them

Includes 3D Modelling Services

  • Create new 3D models or adapt existing ones for your projects
  • Optimize and convert 3D models for VR & AR experiences
  • Expert guidance on setting up a future-proof 3D modeling pipeline
  • Ensure high-quality visuals and realistic simulations

3. Empowerment & Support

Empower Your Team, Unleash Your VR & AR Potential

Beyond training, we offer remote support services on a monthly basis, ensuring that your team receives ongoing assistance and guidance to navigate any challenges or further enhance their VR & AR projects. Our experts are just a call away, ready to support your organization’s continuous growth and success in the VR & AR space.

  • Train your team to become proficient VR & AR creators
  • Comprehensive training programs at Starter, Advanced, and Expert levels
  • Empower your employees to design and develop immersive experiences
  • Receive ongoing remote support for continued success and growth
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Exceptional, tailor-made VR & AR Spaces that captivate audiences and elevate your brand’s presence in the immersive landscape

Bespoke VR and AR projects tailored to your needs

We are dedicated to creating innovative and immersive experiences using augmented and virtual reality technologies. Our team of experts has years of experience in developing custom VR & AR solutions for various industries, and we are passionate about helping organizations harness the potential of these emerging technologies.

Fectar also provides full-service VR and AR project development.

  • We can help you define what VR and AR mean to you and what parameters you need to define, measure and make decisions in order to get results.
  • Set up your immersive and interactive Augmented Reality Experience Center.
  • Help you reduce training costs with effective VR training solutions.
  • We support 3D modeling: building from scratch or adjusting existing 3D formats to VR and AR-friendly standards.
  • We can train you and your team to take the following steps in your Metaverse journey.
  • We can connect you with a partner nearby. 

Affordable, Effective, and Simply Stunning

With Fectar you can start today. The fastest road to success in VR and AR is Fectar—one platform to create immersive and interactive experiences without programming or software installation. With ready-to-use templates, free 3D content, tutorials, and analytics, you become a Creator in no time.

VR & AR Event Support

Elevate Your Events with Immersive Experiences

At Fectar, we understand the power of immersive technologies to make a lasting impact at events. With our Event Support service, we offer comprehensive assistance to companies looking to showcase their products or deliver awe-inspiring 3D demos using VR & AR.

  • On-site Experts: Our skilled professionals will be present at your event, ensuring seamless integration of VR & AR experiences. They will guide attendees, provide technical support, and maximize engagement with immersive content.

  • Hardware Provision: Fectar takes care of the hardware requirements, supplying the necessary VR headsets, AR devices, and related equipment to create an immersive setup. We ensure a smooth and hassle-free experience for both you and your event attendees.

  • Setup and Configuration: Our team will handle all aspects of setup, from preparing the hardware to configuring the software and content. We ensure that your VR or AR demos are flawlessly showcased on large screens or other display systems, captivating your audience.

Elevate your events with Fectar’s Event Support, and let the power of VR & AR unlock new dimensions of engagement, interactivity, and excitement for your attendees.