Become a Fectar Partner

  • Do you want to make VR and AR accessible to everyone? 
  • Can you see possibilities and solutions that seemed impossible?  
  • And are you just as passionate about the Metaverse as we are? 
Then you are the partner we’re looking for! 

Our Partner Program

We work with our partners to create the best Augmented and Virtual Reality experiences for our customers.​

As a partner of Fectar you get:

  • additional training
  • access to our extensive library with samples and templates
  • support for workshops and more
  • listed on our website with your showcases
  • insight in our development roadmap
  • part of our worldwide community

And more.

Grow your business

The Fectar Partner Program consists of a group of designers, developers, marketers, etc. who use the Fectar platform to build Augmented and Virtual Reality experiences. There are four ways Fectar Partners can use Fectar to grow their business and generate ongoing monthly revenue:

  • Refer clients to Fectar
  • Service your clients for full service VR and AR projects
  • Create VR and AR Templates and publish them in the Fectar Templates Store
  • Create Fectar White Label apps

Become a Silver or Gold Partner

You can become a standard partner, a silver partner or a gold partner, depending on the number and the level of trained Fectar Studio Creators. We will actively refer users and customers to your company.

If you would like to know more about all benefits of becoming a partner, please fill out the form below. We will contact you as soon as possible.

Is this you? 

  • Experienced AR and/or VR content creator
  • A 3D modeler or artist
  • Projectmanager or consultant in innovative technologies
  • AR and/or VR trainer