A comprehensive introduction to VR and AR

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Higher customer engagement, higher brand awareness, higher conversion ratios. This is all done with Virtual and Augmented Reality. Do you want to know how? Become a successful Metaverse Creator today, and get ahead of the competition.

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Our experts share their insights in VR, AR, and the Metaverse.

Workshop VR & AR Fundamentals

Pre-qualification requirements:

  • Basic computer literacy
  • Interest in VR & AR

Workshop Duration:

  • Half a day
  • Coffee & tea included¬†

Self-Study and Practice:

  • Installing the Free Fectar app
  • Try out several basic AR Spaces

Maximum number of participants: 8
Location: Fectar VR & AR Experience Center in Den Bosch
Different VR Devices and AR Devices will be provided by Fectar.
Participants will receive 3 E-Books: ‘Let’s get real about VR and AR’ parts 1, 2, and 3.

Workshop VR & AR Fundamentals

The VR & AR Fundamentals Workshop aims to provide a comprehensive introduction to VR and AR technologies, showcases, and best practices.

This workshop is ideal for teams that want to get started with VR & AR and gain a solid understanding of the basic concepts, devices, and applications.

This workshop is available at our VR & AR Experience Center in Den Bosch, the Netherlands. The workshop is available in English and Dutch.

Content of the VR & AR Fundamentals Workshop:

1. Welcome and Introduction to the VR & AR Fundamentals Workshop
a. Overview of the workshop objectives and structure
b. Introduction to the VR & AR landscape and its relevance to various industries
c. Explanation of the workshop format and hands-on activities

2. Understanding VR & AR: Key Concepts and Differences
a. A brief history of VR & AR technologies
b. Fundamental differences between VR & AR
c. Real-world applications and use cases across industries

3. Relevant Showcases and Best Practices in VR & AR
a. Exploration of successful VR & AR projects and case studies
b. Discussion of best practices in design, development, and implementation
c. Analyzing challenges and lessons learned from real-world projects

4. Hands-on Exploration: try out multiple VR & AR Devices
a. Meta Quest 2 and PRO: Consumer and enterprise VR devices
b. Pico 3, 4, and G2: Standalone VR headsets for different use cases
c. Microsoft Hololens 2: Augmented reality and mixed reality experiences
d. Ultraleap: Hand-tracking and gesture recognition in VR & AR
e. Senseglove: Haptic feedback and immersive interactions

Optional: Virtual Meetups: Experiencing VR & AR Simultaneously
a. Organizing and participating in virtual meetups in VR and AR
b. Understanding the unique benefits and challenges of each platform
c. Exploring opportunities for collaboration and communication in VR & AR

Optional: Hologram Activity: Recording Participants in VR & AR Spaces
a. Demonstrating the process of capturing and creating holograms
b. Guiding participants through the process of recording their own holograms
c. Integrating the recorded holograms into VR & AR spaces for a unique experience

5. Workshop Wrap-Up and Moving Forward with VR & AR
a. Recap of the workshop activities and key takeaways
b. Guidance on how to continue learning and exploring VR & AR
c. Opportunities for networking and collaboration within the VR & AR community


The VR & AR Fundamentals Workshop provides a thorough introduction to the world of VR and AR, ensuring that participants gain valuable insights into the technologies, devices, and best practices involved. By the end of the workshop, participants will be better equipped to explore the potential of VR & AR in their own organizations and industries.

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