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Interactive 3D experiences:

    • Higher engagement
    • Increase conversion
    • Lower returns
    • More effective training
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From one platform to multiple channels

Every 3D experience you create can be published to multiple devices, whatever works for you. Upgrade your existing app with ARView, publish to a worldwide audience in the Fectar app with more than 6 million users, or power up your Microsoft Hololens 2 with easy to create Proof of Concepts. Learn everything about AR from every different angle with data-driven insights.


ADD Augmented reality WITHOUT ANY CODING

All you need is the deep link for ARView, automatically created in Fectar Studio. 

Enhance your website, mailing, or printed promotions with augmented reality. Increase dwell time and click-through rates. 

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Integrate ARView©

  • Fully Personalized or Unbranded Version
  • For Web, Print and App integration
  • Supports high quality 3D Content and Interactivity
  • Add your own Brand and styling for seamless integration
  • Scalable, safe and proven Technology
  • Compatible with 2 billion Devices worldwide
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reach the world in FECTAR APP


6 Million downloads in first 24 months

When we launched the Fectar App, we wanted users to have the best AR experience possible, without the latest high end smartphone or internet connection. Because AR should not be about technology or hardware, it is about the message, about the experience. And our users love our app with more than 5 million downloads in the first 18 months after launching Fectar.

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power up your microsoft hololens 2

High Tech Augmented Reality with Fectar

To get your own content on the Hololens can be expensive and can take you a lot of time. And if you want to change something, you will need technical support. And updating your app again takes time and can become expensive eventually. But no longer: with Fectar you can do everything yourself. No programming or updating.

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create VR and AR without any programming

powered by Fectar Studio

Create content quickly no coding skills required

We’re democratising the power of AR, giving you intuitive access to deep engagement tools and features. Plus, market-leading architecture and data-rich insights. Start fast and learn fast with Fectar (no coding required).

AR is about content

Not about technology, connection or hardware

Our AR technology lowers the barriers, prioritising accessibility without compromising on powerful, immersive tools and features. It works on any mobile device with a standard internet connection and again, requires zero coding experience. More than 2 billion devices are able to support AR View Plugin.