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Everything you can imagine becomes reality in the VR & AR

Learn the basics of VR & AR, and try out different devices

Available at our VR & AR Experience Center in Den Bosch, the Netherlands. Workshop is available in Dutch and English.

Workshop VR & AR Fundamentals

The VR & AR Fundamentals Workshop aims to provide a comprehensive introduction to VR and AR technologies, showcases, and best practices. This workshop is ideal for teams that want to get started with VR & AR and gain a solid understanding of the basic concepts, devices, and applications.

Includes hands-on exploration with multiple VR & AR Devices and Technologies

  • Meta Quest 2 and PRO: Consumer and enterprise VR devices
  • Pico 3, 4, and G2: Standalone VR headsets for different use cases
  • Microsoft Hololens 2: Augmented reality and mixed reality experiences
  • Ultraleap: Hand-tracking and gesture recognition in VR & AR
  • Senseglove: Haptic feedback and immersive interactions
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Unique VR & AR Acceleration Program

Creator Workshop VR & AR

The Creator Workshop VR & AR, as part of the VR & AR Acceleration Program, is designed to provide a condensed, hands-on introduction to VR & AR. This workshop will cater to a diverse audience, including those who are new to VR & AR, as well as those who have some experience but want to accelerate their learning and adoption of this new technology.


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VR & AR Creator Course Program 2023

Getting started as a VR & AR Creator should never be lonely. That’s why we created Fectar Academy, a community for Certified VR & AR Creators.

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Fectar Quickstart Webinar

In just 45 minutes you learn how to create your own XR, VR & AR Experiences in Fectar Studio. Set up your first space using Fectar without any technical headaches.

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Introduction Metaverse

In just 45 minutes we will inform you about the latest developments in the Metaverse.

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