Hologram in Virtual and Augmented Reality

With the unique feature of a so called Holopresenter your viewers can place someone in their own living room or office. Easy and fast to produce yourself with nothing more than a smartphone and a green cloth. Upload the original shot in Fectar Studio and it automatically removes the green background, no video editing!

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Events, presentions and vlogs

Add the human touch in your 3D presentation. The holopresenter is a winner each time people open up your creation in AR and VR.

Your personal Hologram

It’s time to go to places you never thought you’d go. Users of your app can position your holopresenter anywhere, such as at home, the office, or in the middle of the woods. People who see your holopresenter can record or photograph the experience and share it on their social media accounts to increase engagement and conversion rates.

Easy and fast to produce

Stand in front of a green screen and film it with your smartphone. After you’ve uploaded your original video to Fectar Studio, the green background will be removed automatically; without any video editing. Your holopresenter is now ready for publication.

WOW, you are in my living room!

Use one of our ready-to-go tabletop stages and customize it with your own branding, background animations, and, of course, your artist(-s) as a hologram. A recipy for a guaranteed success with an impressive and immersive experience.

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