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Where 3D is incredible, 2D is most accessible for most of us. Fectar makes it easy to upload images and video’s and show your content in augmented and virtual reality. Images and video are easy tools to make your 3D presentation complete.

Fectar supports all common image and video formats and our CMS makes it possible to present your 2D content in augmented and virtual reality. 

Position 2D content

Just upload your image or video and put it on the right place. Within minutes you can create your own AR/VR experience and surprise your audience!

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Great photos come to life

Give your audience the possibility to view your photos in detail by moving towards your image with their mobile phone, tablet or VR glasses.

Immersive video experience

Looking at 2D video is a complete different experience in AR/VR compared to watching video the traditional way. It becomes an immersive experience and it will surprise the viewer.

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360 Photo & Video

Image & Video

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