360 Photo & video in AR

Point and shoot to take a 360-degree photo with an easy to use and low-cost camera is simple, and it’s even simpler to upload it to Fectar Studio to create an immersive portal.

Create immersive AR portals

Bring your own environments for your clients or fans to enjoy from the comfort of their own homes. Make your showroom, shop, or artistic photography available at any time and from any location. When you open your content, viewers will be placed directly in the center of your 360 photos.

View with a smartphone

You don’t need VR glasses to enjoy 360-degree content; you can enter the virtual world with any mobile device with the free Fectar app.

Add interaction in 360

What about enhancing your 360-degree photos in augmented reality with 2D photos, 3D objects, audio, and a buy button? You can astound your audience and convert them into fans or paying customers.

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Use a 360 photo camera

Place your 360 cameras in the center of the area you want to photograph and begin taking 360 photos. Upload your 360-degree photos to Fectar Studio and choose whether to place viewers directly in the center of the image or to make your space interactive, allowing your 360-degree photos to be part of a larger augmented reality experience.

3D Objects

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360 Photo & Video

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