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Creating engaging content is all about interaction. Surprise your viewers with a new experience with every click.


Make sure your 3D presentation is more than just a static object viewer: engagement is key with AR! 

Making AR/VR creations interactive is what Fectar is all about; your audience will not only view your (3D) presentation but they can really interact with your content. Make your scenes more attractive and convert your audience into engaged users.

Interaction leads to better engagement

Add buttons and action that suit your creation the best and let your audience interact with your content. From guided tours to creating your own scavenger hunt, everything is possible and easy to create.

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Reach higher conversion rates

It is also possible to add hyperlinks to external content on your own website or webshop. Adding BUY buttons will generate webshop conversions on your own platform, so creating your own AR webshop will result in more paying customers in your own webshop. Reach new audiences that will interact with your creations and make money.

Best practises

Being able to view products and other creations in AR/VR will proven result in higher engagement and conversion ratio’s. First e-commerce spaces resulted in higher conversions up to 30% in comparison to traditional e-commerce. “Those who used AR features were 11 times more likely to purchase and spend 2.7 times more time in the app” “Almost three quarters of consumers say they now expect retailers to offer them some kind of augmented reality experience”

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