Place 3D Objects in AR

Use your existing 3D content, and create immersive AR experiences. Export files to a mobile and VR friendly format. Place it in the File Manager to share it in more than one presentation: for marketing, onboarding, service manuals and more.

The 3D world is rapidly approaching; innovators in all sectors, small and medium enterprises as well as large tech companies, are investing in digital transformation with augmented reality.

3D Formats for AR and VR

Our platform prefers GLTF, OBJ, and Unity3D files. Most 3D software offer plugins for an easy export to GLTF or OBJ.

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Supported devices 

From the Fectar platform, your interactieve 3D presentation can be viewed by a variety of devices (smartphones, tablets, browsers, and VR devices) and platforms (Android & iOS).

Create in minutes! 

With standard templates and no coding requirement, you can set up a 3D scenes in just a matter of minutes. Create, share and measure.

3D Objects

Holographic person 

360 Photo & Video

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Remote sessions

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Analitics & Measuring