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Gain deep insights on created content and learn how to optimize your creations in augmented and virtual reality.

Data-Driven Insights

At this point of the AR/VR evolution gaining the right insights is essential. How does your audience behave in augmented and virtual reality and what adjustments are best working towards higher conversion ratio’s. Our analytics will not only tell you the basics like number of visites and user engagement but will suit you with real deep insights in all relevant aspects.

Growing by learning

Like learning from Google Analytics for websites and webshops, learning from AR/VR creations is essential. Get to know everything about customer behaviour and improve your creations to reach higher engagement and conversion ratio’s.

create VR and AR without any programming

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Basic analytics is included for professional clients, extensive analyzes are available upon request. Besides learning from your own creations, Fectar can also provide anonymized insight to help you onboard AR/VR on a professional level from scratch on.

Get Data Insights fast with Fectar Heatmaps

Visualise gazing activity and walking paths in Augmented Reality. Now you can create effective 3D Presentation: build fast, learn fast and change fast.

A heatmap is one of the commonly used techniques to directly visualise data. Heatmaps represent the magnitude of a certain phenomenon, for example how many users have viewed a particular object, in colours. The hue of the colour and intensity of the colour match the variation in intensity. Heatmaps make it easier to visualize and interpret complex data.

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