Virtual and Augmented Reality for Retail

Explore new ways of engaging your existing customers and present a great opportunity to explore upcoming markets

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Build a Virtual Store in minutes

Create your own AR and VR stores to engage with your customers and experience double-digit conversion rates. At the same time, you will quickly learn how your next-generation consumers will shop in the very near future.

Scan the QR code to shop in AR

You can experience this yourself by scanning this QR code. Click on the boxes to see the content. Each click is a new experience.

Data-driven insights:
Average dwell time: 5.25 minutes per session
Average Clicks per session: 8.24 clicks
Clicks on Buy Button: 27% of total visitors


Today’s customers expect a higher level of interaction and engagement with the brands they’re committing to, both pre- and post-purchase. They understand what’s possible and which brands are investing in a deeper, more value-driving experience for them.

Hologram in your living room

Fectar’s AR technology is transforming the world of retail, breaking barriers and opening up new avenues of retail potential. We are prioritizing accessibility without compromising on powerful, immersive tools and features. It works on any mobile device with a standard internet connection and requires zero coding experience. Use VR headsets for a fully virtual experience.

Learn how to record a hologram: click here
Learn how to add a hologram to your 3D experience: click here

Share 3D Product Demos

Let your global sales representatives know about your latest products and product upgrades without the need to travel. There’s also no need for costly additional hardware investments. They simply whip out their smartphone and browse your latest product lines.

Scan QR to enter the AR Shop

Place multiple products in your room, and see textures in detail. Have a 3D shopping experience any place, any time, any device.

Webshop Integration

People aren’t patient anymore, and AR isn’t just fast. It’s instant. 

But as AR and VR front-runners, we know the wow factor needs to pair with robust technology and data insights, to have commercial longevity. To drive value. To ignite, and create something game-changing. AR and VR beyond the gimmick.

Rapidly evolving best practices

Although Augmented Reality is an upcoming technology, the tech should not be leading. The user is leading for your 3D strategy. Test your designs early and often, learn from your own “mistakes”. With Fectar you can start today: build, try, learn, change, without any coding.

Virtual and Augmented Reality
any place, any time, on any device 



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