3D Training and Instructions

The new 3D World changes how people perceive, communicate with, and move through the world they’re in

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Training in Augmented and Virtual Reality gives your organization extensive possibilities and new ways in training and onboarding clients, partners and employees. No more instructions in paper or video, but real immersive learning possibilities by adding a digital layer onto the real world.

3D model with instructions

It is not always easy to get employees and clients to work according to predefined standards. Any time, any place, any instruction: knowledge availability if you provide your instructions in AR/VR.

Hazardous VR spaces

First and foremost, safety. In practice, however, safety precautions are frequently ignored, resulting in increased risks for your organization’s employees. Publish your safety training with Fectar in AR and VR and your employees will gain a better understanding by virtually experiencing your safety precautions.

Collaborate cross Reality

Regardless of where your team members are, Fectar allows them to collaborate on their project by putting it in AR & VR and simultaneously watching and discussing it. Everyone sees each other’s avatars and can point out specific elements and features of the project.

Soft skill Scenarios

A special feature in the Fectar Platform is creating AR/VR trainingen with holographic persons. This feature will assist organizations in training staff members’ soft skills. Whether it’s learning how to communicate, how to deal with stressful situations or how to improve client service, creating soft skill training is simple and highly effective. Within minutes, you can create video and training with nothing more than a green screen and a smartphone.

Virtual Onboarding

Onboarding new employees can be a difficult process these days. A great alternative is virtual onboarding, which can be viewed on a person’s own device or a VR headset. Show your office, present your company’s culture and send a personal message to new employees.