Become a successful Creator – Level 3

Higher customer engagement, higher brand awareness, higher conversion ratios. This is all done in the Metaverse with Virtual and Augmented Reality. Do you want to know how? Become a successful Metaverse Creator today, and get ahead of the competition.

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Our experts share their insights in VR, AR, and the Metaverse.

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Certified VR & AR Creator Level 3

Your Outcome

The next step in becoming successful in creating Virtual and Augmented Reality Spaces. Learn how to create successful VR & AR journeys and campaigns in Virtual and Augmented Reality, how to create interactive retail shops, engaging virtual classrooms with holographic teachers, amazing 3D branding campaigns and be able to monetize your project portfolio to find your first Metaverse job.

Course Offers

  1. Live webinars with Q&A with step-by-step instructions
  2. Course Material with presentations and reports
  3. Exclusive Scene Templates with tutorials
  4. Exclusive access to data-driven insights with Heatmaps
  5. Up-to-date material for marketing and workshops
  6. Access to online Library with market research reports
  7. Enlisted in the Certification Program

Course Info

The Expert Course will focus on mastering high-level concepts, techniques, and tools in VR & AR content creation, as well as honing students’ skills as professional creators. This course will help students develop a comprehensive understanding of the industry and its demands, preparing them for a successful career in VR & AR.

Curriculum for the Expert Course:

1. Advanced Visual Effects and Real-Time Rendering
a. Advanced shaders and rendering techniques
b. Real-time visual effects and particle systems
c. Implementing realistic reflections, shadows, and global illumination
d. Optimizing graphics performance for VR & AR

2. Multiplayer and Social VR & AR Experiences
a. Designing and implementing multiplayer interactions
b. Networking and synchronization in VR & AR
c. Creating shared and social experiences
d. Addressing privacy and security concerns in multiplayer environments

3. AI and Image Tracking in VR & AR
a. The future with AI-driven characters and interactions
b. Implementing image recognition and tracking
c. Adapting and personalizing experiences using AI

4. Advanced Storytelling and Narrative Design in VR & AR
a. Crafting immersive and engaging narratives
b. Integrating storytelling elements with interactivity
c. Creating non-linear and branching storylines
d. Techniques for evoking emotion and empathy in VR & AR experiences

5. Developing for Mixed Reality and Emerging Platforms
a. Designing experiences for mixed reality (MR) devices
b. Adapting content for new and upcoming platforms
c. Creating device-agnostic experiences
d. Understanding the unique challenges and opportunities of emerging technologies

6. Business and Monetization Strategies for VR & AR
a. Identifying market opportunities and niches
b. Developing and implementing effective monetization strategies
c. Building and managing a successful VR & AR business
d. Networking and collaboration in the industry

7. Professional Portfolio Development and Industry Networking
a. Curating and showcasing a professional VR & AR portfolio
b. Effective self-promotion and personal branding
c. Networking with industry professionals and thought leaders
d. Navigating job opportunities and career advancement in VR & AR

8. Final Project and Certification
a. Developing an innovative, industry-relevant VR & AR project
b. Peer review, feedback, and collaboration
c. Instructor evaluation and grading
d. Awarding of the Expert Course Certificate


Upon completing the Expert Course, students will have a comprehensive understanding of the VR & AR industry and be well-equipped to excel as professional creators. They will have developed a strong professional portfolio and established connections within the industry, paving the way for a successful career in this rapidly evolving field.

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