Cross Platform CMS for AR and VR ‘Game Changer’ for Future of Content

With revolutionary technologies such as virtual reality and augmented reality becoming more widely adopted by the education and business communities across the world, the need for dedicated content management systems to facilitate content creation for AR and VR is more urgent than ever. And while many have introduced systems for either AR or VR devices, the experienced team behind Fectar has become one of the first in the world to launch a full, cross platform solution along with accompanying app.


Trialled in the Netherlands throughout 2019, the innovative no-coding cross platform publishing solution has been readily adopted by schools, universities and business users, with hundreds signing up in just three months.. Now available to educational institutions and other organisations worldwide, the cloud-based Fectar Studio platform enables content creators to publish interactive AR and VR presentations to Android and iOS smart phones and tablets, as well as to VR devices including Oculus GO and Oculus Quest. There are plans to introduce compatibility with more devices such as the HTC Vive within the coming months.


Fectar Studio also differentiates itself from other content management systems through improved features and functionality. While the recent trend has been for CMS tools to offer content only, Fectar Studio provides users with more options, such as the addition of buttons, hyperlinks, questions, navigation, audio, and more to create engaging interactive 3D AR/VR content.It also allows users to track how their creations are being used with easy to access statistical data.


Eugène Kuipers, CEO and Founder of Fectar says, “AR and VR just got easy. Within just a few weeks of our initial launch in 2019, the level of interest and adoption was astounding. Schools and business users alike have been quick to embrace the incredible potential of augmented and virtual reality and deploy Fectar Studio and our app to create and view beautiful and engaging presentations using AR and VR.


“We’ve already witnessed fantastic results, especially in the education field. A number of our users reported double-digit increases in revenue and reductions in training costs while simultaneously reaching a whole new level of customer and student engagement. We really are at the start of a new era of content creation, and we’re confident this is a true game changer for the industry.”


While virtual reality — a fully simulated experience — and augmented reality — the art of overlaying simulation onto a real world environment — are becoming increasingly utilized within the business and school setting, these technologies are still very much in their early days, and many apps that are being developed are designed exclusively for a single platform or a single usage. This introduces a problem for businesses and schools who want to engage with audiences who are using the ever-growing selection of AR and VR devices available on the market.


A further obstacle that has shown to be standing in the way of AR and VR content success is the need for businesses and educational content creators/publishers to utilise an in-house or outsourced development team to change their content. Fectar directly addresses this concern with a CMS, Fectar Studio, which can be managed without any technical skills. Designed by a team of multiple award-winning developers, creatives, and serial entrepreneurs, the simple system can be used easily by anyone.


Fectar Studio is already being widely adopted within the education, media and design, manufacturing, retail, and real estate sectors, with many other industries showing interest in the unique CMS and app. The Fectar team is currently offering free weekly online courses for content creators across all industries, providing them with the knowledge they need to get started with the CMS.


Businesses can now apply for a free 14 day trial of Fectar Studio through the website. You can download the free Fectar app to view more than 100 different free use cases created by partners. Content creators can register interest for becoming part of the global partner network.


To find out more about Fectar and Fectar Studio, visit


Fectar was founded in 2018 by entrepreneurs Eugène Kuipers and Rens Lensvelt, with the aim of creating a content management system dedicated to implementing augmented reality built with Microsoft technologies. Seeing the potential to incorporate more platforms, the team’s first app,, was launched in August 2019, offering quality augmented and virtual reality experiences for each user. Following a successful trial in The Netherlands, the platform and app are updated and renamed Fectar, with a global launch to businesses and schools across the world. Fectar is currently seeking investors to fuel further growth.