GET together in VR & AR

Meet others in an interactive 3D Space. Talk to each other, point at things, click on buttons, and give a virtual tour. Invite others to join you in a Space by sharing a link or QR Code.

The ultimate tool for Remote Assistance and Remote Teaching

get together

Now you can join a 3D experience with other people all over the world. All you need is a regular smartphone with a regular internet connection. With Fectar MeetUp you save time & money by connecting everyone, everywhere, at any time with any device.

Remote Assistance

This allows businesses to provide high-quality service remotely. Your field technicians, with the use of their devices (smartphone, AR Glasses, or VR Headset), have access to instant support wherever they are working.

Remote Teaching

The process of teaching and learning performed at a distance. Rather than having students and teachers coming together in person, remote learning means that students are distanced from their teacher and their peers.

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