Become a successful Creator – Level 2

Higher customer engagement, higher brand awareness, higher conversion ratios. This is all done with Virtual and Augmented Reality. Do you want to know how? Become a successful Metaverse Creator today, and get ahead of the competition.

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Our experts share their insights in VR, AR, and the Metaverse.

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Certified VR & AR Creator Level 2

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The next step in becoming successful in the Metaverse. Learn how to create successful Metaverse journeys and campaigns in both Augmented and Virtual Reality, how to create interactive retail shops, engaging virtual classrooms with holographic teachers, amazing 3D branding campaigns, and to be able to monetize your project portfolio to find your first Metaverse job.

Course Offers

  1. Live webinars with Q&A with step-by-step instructions
  2. Course Material with presentations and reports
  3. Exclusive Scene Templates with tutorials
  4. Exclusive access to data-driven insights with Heatmaps
  5. Up-to-date material for marketing and workshops
  6. Access to Metaverse Library with market research reports
  7. Enlisted in the Certification Program

Course Info

Building on the foundation established in the Beginner Course, the Advanced Course will dive deeper into more sophisticated aspects of VR & AR content creation, as well as explore more advanced features of Fectar Studio.

Advanced Course Curriculum:

1. Advanced 3D Modeling and Asset
a. How to use complex 3D models and assets
b. Texturing, shading, and lighting techniques
c. Rigging and skinning for character animation
d. Working with third-party asset libraries

2. Advanced Animation and Interactivity
a. Advanced coding and procedural animation techniques
b. Implementing physics-based interactions
c. Designing complex interactive spaces
d. Creating realistic character and object animations

3. Immersive Sound Design and Spatial Audio
a. Advanced spatial audio concepts and techniques
b. Implementing immersive soundscapes
c. Synchronizing audio with visual and interactive elements
d. Best practices for audio optimization in VR & AR

4. Advanced User Interface and User Experience Design
a. Designing intuitive and efficient interfaces for VR & AR
b. Creating context-based and adaptive UI elements
c. Implementing accessibility and inclusivity features
d. Evaluating user feedback and iterating on designs

5. Advanced Fectar Studio Features
a. Working with custom scripts and triggers in Fectar Realty Engine
b. Creating and using custom templates and components
c. Advanced scene and project management
d. Integrating with external tools and platforms (NEW!)

6. VR & AR Content Optimization and Performance
a. Techniques for optimizing models, textures, and animations
b. Reducing latency and improving overall performance
c. Diagnosing and resolving common performance issues
d. Ensuring a consistent experience across devices and platforms

7. VR & AR Industry Trends and Emerging Technologies
a. Exploration of cutting-edge VR & AR research and developments
b. Adapting content for new and emerging devices
c. Integrating VR & AR with other emerging technologies (AI, IoT, etc.)
d. Identifying and capitalizing on industry trends and opportunities

8. Final Project and Certification
a. Developing a comprehensive VR & AR project demonstrating advanced skills and techniques
b. Peer review and feedback
c. Instructor evaluation and grading
d. Awarding of the Advanced Course Certificate


By completing the Advanced Course, students will have a deep understanding of VR & AR content creation, mastery of Fectar Studio’s advanced features, and be ready to tackle complex, industry-relevant projects. They will be well-prepared to proceed to the Expert Course and further develop their skills in this exciting field.

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