Get the Best of the Best!

Amazing Games, Cars, Dino’s, DJ’s, Live Events and more!

And support our creators to make the best possible content for you and the rest of the world!

What is Premium Content?

In the Fectar app you can purchase access to Premium Content. That can be all sorts of content you can experience in Augmented Reality with your smartphone.

Premium Content is always Premium

All Premium Content is carefully selected by Fectar first. This way Fectar guarantees the quality of the experience.

Can I get my money back if I don’t like the space?

On the detailpage of each Premium Content page, you can see a short video of what you can expect when you buy this Premium Content. Once you have opened a Space, you have used your bought right to access the space and money can not be returned. You can only get your money back if the Space is not working according to our technical standards. Please contact us at: