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VR & AR Creator Workshop

The VR & AR Creator Workshop, as part of the VR & AR Acceleration Program, is designed to provide a condensed, hands-on introduction to VR & AR content creation using Fectar Studio. This workshop will cater to a diverse audience, including those who are new to VR & AR, as well as those who have some experience but want to accelerate their learning and adoption of Fectar Studio.

Setup for the Creator Workshop:

1. Welcome and Introduction to the VR & AR Acceleration Program
a. Overview of the Acceleration Program and its components
b. Introduction to the VR & AR Experience Center
c. Explanation of the workshop objectives and structure

2. Brief Overview of VR & AR Fundamentals
a. Recap of key concepts and differences between VR & AR
b. Overview of VR & AR hardware and platforms
c. Introduction to VR & AR content creation principles

3. Getting Started with Fectar Studio
a. Activating and setting up the creator license
b. Navigating the Fectar Studio interface
c. Creating a new project and exploring templates

4. Hands-on Guided Project: Building a Basic VR & AR Experience
a. Importing and arranging assets
b. Adding interactivity and simple animations
c. Implementing spatial audio and UI elements
d. Testing and refining the experience

5. Introduction to Bespoke VR & AR Spaces
a. Overview of custom VR & AR spaces created by Fectar experts
b. Examples of bespoke spaces and their use cases
c. Discussion of how to collaborate with the Fectar team on bespoke spaces

6. Tips and Best Practices for VR & AR Content Creation
a. Designing with user comfort and accessibility in mind
b. Ensuring compatibility across devices and platforms
c. Optimizing performance and loading times

7. Workshop Wrap-Up and Next Steps
a. Review of the workshop outcomes and participant projects
b. Guidance on continuing VR & AR education and skill development
c. Opportunities for networking and collaboration within the Fectar community


The VR & AR Foundation Workshop aims to provide participants with a solid foundation in Fectar Studio and an understanding of the VR & AR Acceleration Program’s offerings. By the end of the workshop, participants will have gained hands-on experience in creating a basic VR & AR project and be better prepared to explore the full potential of Fectar Studio and the Acceleration Program.

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