Fectar and the Regional Technological Centers in Flanders form a partnership to provide 750 Flemish schools with leading XR Education

DEN BOSCH, May 13, 2024 – Fectar, an XR creation platform for Virtual and Augmented Reality, is proud to announce an innovative collaboration with the RTCs in Belgium. This collaboration enables 750 schools in Flanders to integrate advanced XR technologies into their curriculum, setting a new standard for educational innovation. View a short YouTube-video about the new partnership.

Fectar offers a comprehensive educational package, including the accessible free VR and AR Fectar app, Fectar Studio for creating XR lessons, and a wide range of educational materials including textbooks and ready-made lessons. This initiative marks a major milestone in the use of Extended Reality (XR) in the education sector and underlines Fectar’s commitment to enriching learning experiences worldwide

“The RTCs and Fectar jointly bring the power of XR technology to the classrooms
Flanders, enabling a new dimension of learning that is both fascinating and…
is effective. At Fectar we believe that the future of education lies in utilizing
technological innovations to enrich the learning experience. This partnership is symbolic our commitment to preparing students for a future where digital
skills are indispensable,” says Eugène Kuipers, CEO and founder of Fectar.

Most important points:
Innovative Partnership: The RTCs and Fectar are joining forces to support 750 Flemish schools equipped with advanced XR technologies, which will have an impact on the educational sector.
Accessible Technology: With Fectar’s user-friendly platform, teachers can do without programming knowledge to develop XR lessons, which is the threshold for implementing innovative technologies in education.
Educational Enrichment: The collaboration promises an enriched learning experience for both students and teachers by offering interactive and immersive learning resources.

Fectar is committed to pushing the boundaries of educational technology and creating accessible and impactful learning experiences. With 7 million downloads worldwide and growing presence in education, Fectar is at the forefront of XR innovation in the class.

The RTCs support teachers and students by strengthening knowledge and skills among students and teachers in technical and vocational education through organizing and facilitating training and providing the necessary infrastructure and equipment, with the aim of creating an optimal connection between education and the labor market. Their commitment to facilitating educational and professional development is an essential link in the chain of innovative education.

About Fectar:
Fectar was launched at the beginning of 2020 and already has almost 7 million downloads worldwide, which makes Fectar one of the largest XR apps in the world. It allows users to interact with all devices (both VR and AR) to work together in a tailor-made interactive 3D experience. The
Fectar app is available for free in the Android and Apple app stores. The company is located in Den Bosch where it has an XR Experience Center for education and for business.

About the RTCs in Flanders:
Each RTC is committed to supporting teachers and students in its province, with the aim of: strengthening knowledge and providing access to the latest infrastructure and equipment and knowledge. Their work facilitates a seamless transition between education and the labor market, with a focus on innovation and technological development.


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