Analyse User Activity in your AR & VR Spaces

Anonymous data tracking – GDPR Compliant

BUILD, measure, learn
turn uncertainties, assumptions and risks into knowledge

Data is key in becoming a successful Metaverse Creator. Success is not a one-off, success can be learned, because the VR and AR Consumers are upcoming.

  • What are the new trends in UX and behaviour?
  • What spaces are populair? Why?
  • What devices are my viewers using?
  • How often do they watch a scene?

Measure engagement with your viewers

#views, #bookmarks, #likes

Are you building an audience? You want to know if your spaces are populair and if you have returning visitors.

  • How many people visit your detail page?
  • How many people had a VR or AR Experience?
  • What is the average duration of a visit?
  • How long do visitors dwell in your 3D Space?
  • How many likes did your Space get?
  • How many people bookmarked your Space?

DEMO video of ANAlytics