White Label Platform

Get your branded VR & AR App

  • Based on the Fectar App
  • With your brand and your design
  • Fully featured
  • Powered by Fectar Studio
  • Proven Technology
  • Including hosting and updates


In a matter of weeks, you will be up and running with your own Virtual and Augmented Reality app, powered by Fectar Studio. You can create your own spaces, share with your target audience, analyse user activity with heatmaps and more.

What’s included? Download the Fectar App on your smartphone or VR headset, and you can experience your own branded app fully operational for more than 6 million users worldwide.

the best VR & AR APP

Proven technology with scalable platform

VR and AR should not be about technology or hardware, it is about your message, about the User Experience. Now you can start using Virtual and Augmented Reality without large, complex, and timely tech investments. With a white label app, you save time and money. A ready to go app with the reliability of a scalable and proven platform. Once you start using your white label VR and AR app, hosting, all updates and upgrades can be fully serviced.

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Your branded app powered by Fectar

Add Virtual and Augmented Reality to your customer journey. Your White Label app runs on the Fectar Platform: scalable, fast and secure. And includes updates and upgrades for easy and low cost maintenance.

With the your own app and website becomes more lively and vibrant with interactive Virtual and Augmented Reality content.

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create VR and AR without any programming

powered by Fectar Studio

Create content quickly no coding skills required

We’re democratising the power of AR, giving you intuitive access to deep engagement tools and features. Plus, market-leading architecture and data-rich insights. Start fast and learn fast with Fectar (no coding required).

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