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Immersive AR, created by you, on the industry’s most innovative platform

We’re democratising the power of AR, giving you intuitive access to deep engagement tools and features. Plus, market-leading architecture and data-rich insights. Start fast and learn fast with Fectar (no coding required).


Create immersive and interactive Augmented and Virtual Reality scenes without any programming. Use our library with free 3D content and basic templates. Build a lesson, a store, a scavenger hunt, just anything you can think of. AR and VR are just one click away.

Fectar app: 5 million downloads

Fectar created one of the most popular Augmented Reality apps for smartphones, with millions of downloads worldwide. This demonstrates that Fectar is on the right track, as evidenced by very actionable insights from its users. Several of our users reported double-digit revenue increases and training cost reductions while simultaneously reaching a whole new level of customer and student engagement.

Virtual Reality Support

With Fectar VR, you can now experience your own VR creation. Enter a virtual world that you created without writing a single line of code. You can also make changes to your creation in real-time.

Integrate AR in your App

Add Augmented Reality to your existing app to showcase your 3D content to your existing app users. And it is really simple, you add a few lines of code and you are set to go. Updates and upgrades are all included. If you would like to know more, please contact our team.

Embed 3D on your Website

Integrate augmented reality visualizations into your webshop. Your 3D presentation is now available in the browser. Click on the special AR button to reveal a QR code and wow your customers by giving them the option to place and view your product in their living room, resulting in higher conversion rates.