AR for spatial abilities training


Publishing House Vertoog enriched their training manuals with interactive AR models. For ‘Wood and wooden joinery’ they created three interactive spaces. In augmented reality students assemble and disassemble the models to learn about the different ways to create wood connections.

Reinders Real Estate Business Card

Visitekaartje Chiel

Real estate is a competitive business. So how do you stay on top of mind? Reinders Real Estate choose an AR-powered business card. By integrating holograms of their salespeople they (quite literally) stand out from the competition. That’s creating an impact on your customers.

Virtual Reality Anatomy Training for ICU

Skeleton Space Jibe

The institute for higher professional nursing education, VIVES, created interactive, immersive lessons in virtual reality. They scanned their anatomy models in 3D. During classes students used VR headsets to train. And back home? With their smartphones they could rehearse the material everywhere, at any time.