Spatial Editor

Manage and edit content in interactive 3D presentation in the Fectar App. We make it possible to move, tilt, resize and rotate your content just by walking around in your space without any programming. It is just like decorating a room, really easy.

The 3D world is coming to us at a rapid speed; innovators in all sectors and the big tech companies invest highly in 3D in combination with augmented reality. Publishing 3D objects in augmented reality create new experiences for companies in all sorts. Take a look at the Solutions to see what might suite your needs.

Edit your AR Space

Create your own interactive presentations in Fectar Studio and click on the editing button in the Fectar app to start the Spatial Editing feature. Drag and drop your elements to the preferred place and see direct results.

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No programming 

Decorate your scene with your own device. Open the space and just tap on it; it will become highlighted. Hold your finger on the screen when an object is selected to move it around. Drag over the screen when an object is selected to rotate it over the selected axis. Pinch on the screen when an object is selected to make it bigger or smaller.

Create within minutes 

Once your amazing 3D object is uploaded in Fectar Studio, it can be viewed with any device. Surprise your employees or clients with real augmented reality and immersive experiences.

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